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Sansa Fuze 2GB mp3 Players

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Sansa Fuze 2GB Overview

Dimensions - 3.1 x 1.9 x 0.3 in

Memory Capacity - 2GB, 4GB, 8GB (microSD memory slot)

Screen - 1.9”, 64k colour, 224x176 pixel

Audio - MP3, WMA, WAV, AA

Video - Converted MPEG-4 20FPS

Battery Life - 24 hours audio / 5 hours video

Available Colours - Black, Blue, Silver, Red, Pink

Songs - Up to 1000 songs

Radio - Digital FM Radio

Microphone - Built in Microphone



The 2gb Sansa Fuze mp3 player is currently available from Amazon

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The 2GB Sansa Fuze is not currently available in any other colours.


Customer Reviews

Average Rating = 4.5 / 5


Excelent Value for Money

I have owned and listened to a variety of mp3 players and this is the best so far. The feature count is high and the quality of the build is good. Package content includes 8Gb Sana Fuse, in ear headphones, USB transfer/charger cable, protective slip for the player and user manual. The following is a break down of the features:

Video - the screen is small but clear and bright and though I did not buy it for the video capabilities I was pleasantly surprised. The media conversion software (once downloaded from the Sansa website) was easy to use. Compression of the picture is high but does not matter too much on such a small screen. The audio is also compressed in the process and that detracts a little from the overall experience.

Photos - Ideally the media conversion software should again be used for max compatibility. The results fit the screen well and the images are sharp.

Voice recording - Simple and effective. The recording is clear and the microphone picks up conversations from several meters away.

Radio - The reception is very good though sometimes best listened to in mono to remove the background hiss completely. Tuning and presets are easy to use. As yet I have not used the radio recording feature.

Music - This is what I got the player for. There are loads of facilities which are easy to navigate, but the crux of the matter is how it sounds. The answer is very good (when used on the 'normal' equaliser settings). The sound is open and clear with good detail. Bass is well extended but lacks some punch. One surprising find was that the bundled headphones are not bad at all, certainly better than I have come across before. However a better sound was to be had with my Sennheiser CX55 earbuds which are excellent.

To get the most from the player it is worth downloading the latest version of the firmware from the Sansa website. In summary you have an 8Gb player with extendable memory, good build, good sound and loads of other features, all for a lot less than other players. Nothing else comes close really.


Fantastic Player

Great mp3 player - much better than my daughters i-pod nano as it does not use i-tunes and has expandable memory. The scroll wheel has a lovely feel to it - much improved over the e200 series which we also have and rate highly. More options in the software than previous Sansa players such as Audiobook options, file delete etc. Very tactile and easy to use. There are two options in the volume set up on the settings menu - select the louder one. Sound quality is very good and in my opinion better than the i-pod. I would highly recommend this player. Very small and compact. There is a full review on the "anything but ipod" web site should you want an in depth review. Very good value for money. I hope this helps.


High quality in all respects - unreservedly recommended!

I've been meaning to buy a decent MP3 player for months, and having just shelled out good money on getting my son's iPod Classic repaired after less than a year of use, decided to give this a try. As a Nikon professional camera user, I know and trust SanDisk products but was completely unprepared for the value the Fuze represents. It actually looks, feels and sounds like a quality piece of kit. The headphones provided are pretty dreadful, but then I was prepared to use my own anyway - standard 3.5mm jack so no issue there. The only 'charger' is the USB lead provided which doesn't bother me too much, though cheap mains adapters are available on e-Bay and I'll probably get one eventually.

The real plus points are:

1)the sound quality, which with decent headphones is outstanding.

2)the radio, which auto tunes according to geographical region and sets presets for the strongest available signals. Reception is surprisingly good - so far tried in the US and UK

3)Screen quality. Ignore what you might read elsewhere, this screen works well enough for me to look at synch'd images from my camera. Tiny, but good colour and clear.

4)Video - The wide screen trailer for the new Bond is currently impressing a few family members! Great sound and watchable.

5)Sound recording - I wasn't prepared for the quality of the internal mike and recording. Stick it in the middle of a conference table and record the meeting minutes live. Really quite impressive.

6) Sandisk website support. Downloading the latest firmware - advisable - was a doddle

7) Pre-loaded sampler of music. Now this may be unique to the US version which I bought but there were some great tracks pre-loaded on this thing. 'Umphrey's Mcgee', 'Wine, Women and Song' for a start.

8) Micro SD card support. Around £13 buys you a SanDisk 8Gb card which, when added, actually works as seamless additional storage.

9) No iTunes trap. Either use Windows explorer to drag and drop files across, or better still just let Windows Media Player synch the files for you

All in all, an excellent player.

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